Good or MDF wood particle board wardrobe closet, and why?

(1) the so-called wood particle board, is actually in Particleboard production plates, is a kind of particle board, which belongs to the homogeneous Particleboard. It is to be after a branch crushed into particles of wood, and is formed by bonding and high pressure, within the cross scattered particle shape. Advantage is that after water absorption expansion coefficient, moisture resistant very good; nail holding power of strong transverse load-bearing strength; resistance to surface pollution can conduct a variety of veneers; the cost is relatively low. Disadvantage is less bending and tensile resistance, density of osteoporosis.

(2) density refers to the medium density fibreboard, the advantages of physical indexes close to the logs is a good substitute for wood, can be more convenient decor decoration; better processing toughness, and in thickness (such as 5mm, 3mm) situations difficult to fault.

(3) both have their advantages, but should pay attention to is: E1 formaldehyde emissions.

Why standard and non-standard plate prices vary so much?

Non-standard processing alone, spend a lot of time and labor costs.

Custom made, custom closet is not it? Standard and non-stand

In our industry, order also has a distinction between standard and non-standard. Standardization will be part of a custom closet, so you can save plate waste and labor costs, lower costs and prices.

If formaldehyde in the wardrobe, wear on the inside of the c

As long as there is no sharp glare, and essentially showed that formaldehyde did not exceed generally is a plate of smell, if not comfortable, you can drop the underwear in plastic bags closed.

Closet has no smell, it means no formaldehyde, please?

Closet lots of plates to use in, more or less contains some chemicals such as glue. Smell does not mean there is no less, but formaldehyde which meet the national standards, the number of small, there will be no adverse effects to people.

New wardrobe, and how to remove it?

New wardrobe taste generally refers to the pungent smell of formaldehyde, formaldehyde causes are:

(1) the wood itself when dry, decomposition of formaldehyde from the inside, wood density less formaldehyde emission better.

(2) for Panel substrate bonding glue is one of the main reasons causing formaldehyde. Currently market Shang of main glue for urine aldehyde rubber and three poly cyanide ammonia rubber, urine aldehyde rubber of making process simple, on equipment requirements not high, more for many small workshop production, formaldehyde release volume larger, but for its price low, main was woodworking Board, and in the, and low density fibreboard these in base material stick received Shi with rubber volume big of plate used, and three poly hydrogen ammonia rubber is a new environmental glue, its production process and equipment requirements are compared high, formaldehyde content lower, but price more urine aldehyde rubber your many, General for high-end plate selection. Our Saint wardrobe choice of substrate is the E1 level environmental certification, combined with our technology, so Saint wardrobe does not have the unpleasant smell. If Cabinet has odor, air deodorizer, onion, pepper, remove, or buy an Air Purifier, recommended a number of ventilation. Professional air treatment companies.

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